A Little About Me…

Michelle Clark
Meteorite Collector


I’m often asked the question ‘When and how did you become interested in meteorites?’

Well, whilst channel-hopping one day I stumbled upon a show called ‘Meteorite Men’ on the Discovery Channel. I wasn’t quite sure what I had landed on at first; it was unlike anything I had seen before and I was immediately drawn in – I mean, you could find rocks from space? Just lying on the ground?Anyone, in theory, could find rocks from space lying on the ground!? This just blew my mind!

Little did I know that my stumbling upon this very show would spark such a huge interest in these enigmatic rocks from space!

I first decided that I would build my collection from a find of my own, so I taped a strong magnet to the end of a sweeping brush handle and took matters into my own hands. Needless to say I have an abundance of ‘meteorwrongs’.

Unsurprisingly, I never did find my own meteorite. But, I still have the magnet taped to the end of the sweeping brush and a sandwich bag full of highly magnetic finds from those early days when my interest was little more than excitement and a crazy imagination!

My very first meteorite was a Mundrabilla iron fragment with a naturally beautiful bronze patina. In my honest opinion, it easily resembled a kiwi bird with its long, slender bill tucked neatly into its feathers. But, more importantly, this piece of space debris had crashed through our atmosphere, landed on earth and was now sat in my bedroom!

Since then, my meteorites have grown into a modest yet varied collection of stones, irons and rarities; such as Martian, Lunar and HEDs from Asteroid Vesta.

I’m often asked to display my rocks during astronomy events and for astronomical societies and clubs across the country.